Which is the best car vacuum cleaner to hoover your car

Dirty car interior

Does your car look like this

Why buy a car vacuum cleaner?

Most of us spend a fair bit of time in our cars throughout the day and its reasonable to say that a clean car will give a more pleasurable drive than a dirty one, but if you own a car you know it’s inevitable that it’s going to get dirty, not only on the outside but on the inside too.

To clean the outside its a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and some elbow grease or maybe a trip to the local car wash.

To do the inside its a bit more trickier and this is where a car vacuum can be invaluable, but which is the best car vac to do the job.

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You know what its like, you try to keep the inside of the car clean, even banning eating in the car but no matter what you do there always seems to be a mess on the carpets usually dragged in from the bottom of your shoes and dust that seems to come from nowhere and if you have a dog the hair can be a nightmare.

It’s a job that needs to be done on a regular basis if you want to keep your car in tip top condition and it can also add value to your car when you want to sell it.

Now you could pay for a professional valet to do their magic but it cost money and if you do that regularly it all adds up to a tidy sum.

You could drag out your large household vacuum and use the tool attachments to clean up, or you could use the vac at your local petrol station.

The alternative is to use a car vacuum cleaner made especially for your car which runs off the 12v power socket and can be kept in the boot to be used at any time, anywhere, ideal for use when you’re away from home,

Other vacuums that can be used on your car include a cordless hand-held vacuum and a corded hand-held vacuum but there are pros and cons to each of these car vacs which we will explore below.

Cleaning the Interior of your  car can be a long and tricky process especially if the right tools aren’t used. Using the best vacuum for your car will make it a lot easier to do and a bit more enjoyable so have a read of our guide and reviews of the different car vacuum cleaners to see which one is suitable for you.


What you need to consider when buying a car vacuum cleaner

When you look into it there are a lot car vacuums available on the market today which can make it hard to choose the best model to suit your particular purpose.

Things to consider are budget, power source, taste and practicality. Below is a guide that I hope will help you choose the right auto vacuum suitable for you and your lifestyle.


12v car vacs are powered using your cars 12v outlet usually the car cigarette lighter making them ultra portable. You can leave them in the car and use them anywhere you go whether its for a quick clean up or a full top to bottom clean.

This type of vac is probably going to have less suction than a corded vac so might not clean the really ground in dirt but for the everyday dirt it will cope just fine.


Cordless car vacuums are also very portable and the suction can be very impressive but it can be let down by the battery. The trouble is you never know if you’re going to have enough battery power to complete the whole car but if its fully charged when you start it you should be ok as the batteries in today’s vacuums are much improved.


Corded car vacuums are usually the most powerful for suction but you do have to be near a power source when you need to use one. This can be a bit inconvenient although with the amount of suction available they will be able to remove the most stubborn dirt from your carpets and upholstery.


So what have we learned: if you want complete portability with no power cords to worry about the cordless comes out on top. If you don’t mind the trailing power cord and are near a mains socket then the corded car vac is the best option but if you want vac that can be powered anywhere and any time then the 12v option is the one to go with.


What else do you need to consider


Powerful suction: A good vacuum cleaner should have enough suction to pull the dirt out of your cars interior, you don’t want to go over and over the same area to get rid of the dirt.

The vacuum cleaner’s motor and general design will determine how much suction power it has so if you intend to use the vac around the garage or home a corded one would be more suitable because it will have a more powerful motor and obviously greater suction power.

A cordless vacuum’s suction power will be determined by the battery and how much charge is left whilst a 12v car vac wont have the suction of a corded vac it wont run out of battery life as long as you have a good car battery or leave the car running.


Battery life: If you are going to buy a cordless car vacuum you need to spend a bit of time  checking on the running times and whether or not it has a battery indicator to let you know when the battery is about to die.


Lightweight: You want to look for a lightweight vac as a heavy vac will make it difficult to use, look for one that weighs no more than 2kg.


Compact: The smaller the vacuum the easier it will be to use and store.


Accessories: Look for one with tools that allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your cars interior, a good stretchy hose can be invaluable along with a soft brush for cleaning leather and vinyl.


Size of your car: If you have a large car or people carrier carrying the whole family around your going to create a lot more dirt and dust than say a 2 seater sports car with the maximum of 2 people so choose a vacuum accordingly.


Dust canister: You don’t really have to worry about the size of the dust canister if you’re only going to use the vacuum for the car but if you intend to use it elsewhere you may want to choose one with a larger capacity.


Warranty: Look for extended warranties, the normal warranty is typically one year so look for with two or more years.

Ultimately the best car vacuum would be both powerful and portable but unfortunately those two characteristics can contradict each other so you need to consider what you want from a vacuum  to determine if you want portability,  power or a happy medium.



Which is the best 12v car vacuum cleaner to buy

If you’re looking for a true car vacuum then it has to be 12v. These are the most portable of the car vacs as they plug into the cars 12v outlet, this means you can use them anytime, anywhere.

What they wont do is clean your carpets or upholstery in your home unless you have 12v outlet which is very doubtful but they would be ideal if you own a touring caravan.


Black & Decker PAD 1200 12v car vacuum cleaner

Black & Decker 12v car vacuum cleanerThe Black and Decker PAD1200 Auto Flexi is the best selling 12v car vacuum on Amazon.co.uk.

This neat hand held vac has a 5 metre cable that plugs into your cars cigarette lighter socket and is long enough to reach all parts of the car including the boot.

For optimum suction it uses a cyclonic action that spins the dirt away from the filter and it has the power for even the most demanding clean ups.

The dust container has a window so you can see when you need to empty it which is easily done via the side door, the dirt is simple tipped out into the bin.

The extendible hose allows you to reach all the areas of your car and the long crevice tool helps you get into the more difficult areas such as between the seats.

Triple action filtration means the vacuum performs better and lasts longer.

If you want to see the price and get more information visit Amazon.co.uk


Black & Decker PV1225N 12V Dustbuster

Black & Decker PV1225N 12V DustbusterAnother one from Black and Decker, this time its the dustbuster pivot.

Its powered with a 5 metre long 12v cord so you will have no problem reaching all parts of the car and the cord can be wrapped around the vac for storage.

Tools included is a brush tool for cleaning tight spots and awkward areas.and can be sored on board or in the included storage bag.

The extra long crevice tool is great for getting between seats and hard to reach areas.

It has cyclonic action which spins dirt away from the filter so it maintains optimum suction power.

The 200° pivoting nozzle has 10 different positions, which enables the Dustbuster to clean difficult to reach areas.

The translucent dirt bowl shows you when it needs emptying which is easily done.

The filter is washable.

If you would like to see how much it costs and get some more information visit Amazon.co.uk



Which is the best cordless car vacuum cleaner to buy

If you’re looking for a handheld vacuum cleaner that can be used in the car as well as your home then a cordless battery operated one would be perfect. As long as you remember to charge it after each use they will be ready to go and should have enough charge to complete the whole car.


Vax Gator cordless vacuum cleaner

Vax Gator cordless vacuum cleanerThe Vax H90-GA-B Gator cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is the best selling handheld on Amazon.co.uk.

This 10.8 v cordless vacuum is lightweight at only 1.24kg and runs for about 13 minutes on a full charge.

Charging does take a long time at 24hours for a full charge which can be annoying if you run out of charge but if you keep it charged at all times its ready to use at a moments notice.

It has a built in crevice tool to help get into the awkward places and a dust container that’s easy to empty.

The dust container is only 0.2ltrs but that’s all you need for this type of cleaner and all you have to do is flip open the mouth to empty it into a bin.

It comes with a charging adaptor and 2-year guarantee.

For more information and the latest price check it out at Amazon.co.uk



Which is the best corded car vacuum cleaner to buy

If you have a power socket close to your car or an extension lead you may want to look at a corded vacuum cleaner.

These are usually the most powerful of the car vac’s and can be used anywhere in the home. They may not be as portable as the other cleaners but they do have advantages.


Black and Decker corded vacuum cleaner

Black and Decker corded vacuum cleaner The BLACK+DECKER VH780 230v Vacuum cleaner is one of the best selling corded vacuums on Amazon.co.uk.

Performance comes from a 780w motor which not only sucks but blows as well, great for blowing up paddling pools or blowing away dust or dirt.

It’s bag-less with a 370ml dust container which is clear so you can see when it needs emptying which involves using a quick release catch and tipping out the dirt.

Triple filtration and clog indicator for optimum performance.

The power cord is a very long 6 mtrs so you are able to do all parts of the car.

With this vacuum you get 14 tool accessories to help you get to all the awkward nooks and crannies you always find in a car.

2 year guarantee.

To get more information and to find the latest price check it out at Amazon.co.uk


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